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Zhao Bin

Winner of Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan

Subject: Inorganic Chemistry

Address:316 room of North Building, Chemistry Building, Nankai University, Weijin Road 94#, Tianjin City

Telephone: 022-23498943

E-Mail: zhaobin@nankai.edu.cn


Research Interest:
Inorganic Chemistry(Multicentre metal-metal bonded cluster chemistry;Multi-functional cluster-based coordination polymers;Luminescent and magnetic materials based on lanthanide ions)


Honors and Awards:

Selected publications:
Recent publication list:
1. Ping Cui, Han-Shi Hu, Bin Zhao*, Jeffery T. Miller, Peng Cheng, Jun Li*. "A multicentre-bonded [ZnI]8 cluster with cubic aromaticity" Nature Commun. 2015, 6, 6331.
2. Huan-Cheng Hu, Han-Shi Hu, Bin Zhao,* Ping Cui, Peng Cheng, Jun Li,* "Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) of a Cubic Metal Cluster with Multi-Centered Mn(I)-Mn(I) Bonds". Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2015, 54, 11681-11685.
3. Ping Cui, Yu-Guang Ma , Huan-Huan Li , Bin Zhao* , Jian-Rong Li , Peng Cheng , Perla B. Balbuena*, Hong-Cai Zhou. "Multipoint Interactions Enhanced CO2 Uptake: A Zeolite-like Zinc-Tetrazole Framework with 24-Nuclear Zinc Cages" J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134, 18892-18895.
4. Bin Zhao, Peng Cheng*, Xiao-Yan Chen, Cai Cheng, Wei Shi, Dai-Zheng Liao, Shi-Ping Yan, Zong-Hui Jiang. "Design and synthesis of 3d-4f metal-based zeolite-type materials with a 3D nanotubular structure encapsulated "water" pipe" J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2004, 126, 3012-3013.
5. Bin Zhao, Xiao-Yan Chen, Peng Cheng*, Dai-Zheng Liao, Shi-Ping Yan, Zong-Hui Jiang. "Coordination polymers containing 1D channels as selective luminescent probes" J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2004, 126, 15394-15395.
6. Bin Zhao, Peng Cheng*, Yan Dai, Cai Cheng, Dai-Zheng Liao, Shi Ping Yan, Zong-Hui Jiang, Geng-Lin Wang. "A nanotubular 3D coordination polymer based on a 3D-4f heterometallic assembly" Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2003, 42, 934-936.
7. Peng-Fei Shi, Huan-Cheng Hu, Zhan-Yun Zhang, Gang Xiong, Bin Zhao*. "Heterometal-organic frameworks as highly sensitive and highly selective luminescent probes to detect Iions in aqueous solutions". Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 3985-3988. (Cover Ariticle)
8. Huan-Cheng Hu, Xiao-Min Kang, Chun-Shuai Cao, Peng Cheng and Bin Zhao*. "First tetrazole-bridged d–f heterometallic MOFs with a large magnetic entropy change" Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 10850-10853.
9. Hang Xu, Chun-Shuai Cao and Bin Zhao*. "A water-stable lanthanide-organic framework as a recyclable luminescent probe for detecting pollutant phosphorus anions" Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 10280-10283. (Cover Ariticle)
10. Yin-Ling Hou, Hang Xu, Rui-Rui Cheng, Bin Zhao*. Controlled lanthanide-organic framework nanospheres as reversible and sensitive luminescent sensors approaching to practical applications. Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 6769-6772.