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Boling Lecture-Natural molecules that impacted the world

Topic:Natural molecules that impacted the world

Speaker: Prof. Ren Xiang Tan ( Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine )

Time: 7:00 pm, September 28 2018, Friday

Venue: The Academic Hall at the Institute of Elemento-Organic Chemistry



Ren Xiang Tan is a vice president and Professor at Nanjing Univ. of Chinese Medicine and a Professor at Nanjing Univ. He obtained his BS (1983) and MS (1986) from China Pharmaceutical Univ., and his Ph D degree in 1990 from Lanzhou Univ. with his dissertation completed at Technical Univ. of Berlin in Prof. F. Bohlmann's lab. He was a visiting scholar to Univ. of Lausanne (Prof. K. Hostettmann's lab) and Univ. of California, San Diego (Prof. W. Fenical's lab). He has been a co-author of some 300 papers in a broad range of journals including Nat. Commun., PNAS, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem., and Nat. Prod. Rep. He is also a recipient of some honors or awards such as the Natural Product Reports Lecture Award from Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.