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Students’ Science and Technology Innovation Association

    Students’ Science and Technology Innovation Association (SSTIA) of Chemistry College was founded in August 2013. For the past two years, Hang Lei, as the supervisor, has provided countless opportunities to allow SSTIA to thrive as well as its members to grow.

    Nowadays in SSTIA, there is one chairman, Ning Zhang, and two vice chairmen Ying Liu and Lukas Liao. And four departments are established directly below the chairmen group, which are Office Department, Academy Department, Practice Department and Propaganda Department. Each department owns two ministers and eight subordinates.

    SSTIA is deeply rooted in the academic realm created by Chemistry College, Nankai University. Hence, it is aimed at enlightening the students on learning and studying chemistry. At the same time, SSTIA is also prepared to launch various events in which students can learn some basic chemistry while enjoying themselves. Ever since 2013, SSTIA has launched many major events such as “Lab Experience”. Almost every event has been a hit so that the event spot was full of people. Besides, SSTIA stress much importance on the development of its own members. Every year, after the recruiting SSTIA will arrange several lessons, in which those new members can equipped themselves with basic skills required by their work.

    All in all, SSTIA of Chemistry College, Nankai University always help people grow regardless who they are, and create an academic atmosphere for chemistry students and non-chemistry students alike.