Zhang Shoumin



Academic Background
Doctor degree
Graduate School
Nankai University
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Department of Chemistry
Special Talent
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Research Interest
Inorganic Chemistry

Honors and Award

Scientific Achievements & Selected Publications
(1) Huanhuan Yu, Feng Dong, Jiuli Guo, Baolin Zhu,Weiping Huang, Shoumin Zhang*, Gold
nanoparticles supported on LnPO4 (Ln =La, Ce)nanorods and nanospheroids as high performance catalysts for CO
oxidation, MaterialsResearch Bulletin, 2018 , 97: 411-420
(2) Huanhuan Yu, Siyuan Zhong,Baolin Zhu, Weiping Huang and ShouminZhang*, A Synthesis and CO Oxidation
Activity of 1D Mixed Binary OxideCeO2-LaOx Supported Gold Catalysts, Nanosca
le Research Letters , 2017, 12:579
(4) Huanhuan Yu, Jiuli Guo, FengDong, Baolin Zhu,Weiping Huang, ShouminZhang*, A comparative study of CO
catalytic oxidation on Au/YPO4-prisms andAu/YPO4-rods, J. Nanopart. Res., 2017, 19: 204
(5) Ping Zhang,Huanhuan Yu,Jingjin Li,Hang Zhao,Baolin Zhu,Weiping Huang,Shoumin Zhang*,
Au/BiPO4nanorod catalysts: synthesis, characterization and their catalytic performancefor CO oxidation,RSC
Advances,2016, 6:15304-15312。
(6) Ping Zhang,Jiuli Guo,Peng Zhao,Baolin Zhu,weiping Huang,ShouminZhang*,Promoting effects of
lanthanum on the catalytic activity ofAu/TiO2 nanotubes for CO oxidation,RSCAdvances,2015,5: 11989-11995。
(7) Zhao, Hang,Zhang, Ping,Wang, Yudong,Huang, Weiping,Zhang, Shoumin*,Au/TiO2 nanotube catalysts
prepared by combining sol-gel methodwith hydrothermal treatment and their catalytic properties for CO oxidation,
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology,2014,71: 406-412。
(8) Zhang, Jun,Liu, Xianghong,Wang, Liwei,Yang, Taili,Guo, Xianzhi,Wu, Shihua,Wang, Shurong,
Zhang,Shoumin*,Au-Functionalized Hematite Hybrid Nanospindles: GeneralSynthesis, Gas Sensing and Catalytic
Properties,Journalof Physical Chemistry C,2011,115:5352-5357。
(9)Zhang, Jun,Liu, Xianghong,Wang, Liwei,Yang, Taili,Guo, Xianzhi,Wu, Shihua,Wang, Shurong,Zhang,
Shoumin*,Synthesis and gas sensing properties ofalpha-Fe2O3@ZnO core-shell nanospindles,Nanotechnology,
2011,22: 185501    
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