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First Sub-forum of the Interdisciplinary Forum for Nankai University Centennial Ceremony Was Held

 On Sep. 19th 2019, first Sub-forum of the Interdisciplinary Forum for Nankai University Centennial Ceremony, “Conversion and Storage of Novel Energy”, was held at the reporting hall of United Researching Building of NKU & TJU. Xuetao Cao, president of Nankai University, attended the opening ceremony and presented commemorative certificates to the reporters. The opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. Jun Chen, vice-president of Nankai University.


President Cao expressed welcome to the researchers present. He pointed out that it has been a long time for Nankai University to attach great importance to the development of interdisciplinary construction, and fully launch the "4211 Excellent Nankai Plan". For achieving these goals, 10 interdisciplinary research centres on Nankai campus have been established to push the exchange between different disciplines. President Cao hoped everyone participate in the forum could express penetrating viewpoints, to transmit cutting-edge researching trends to teachers and students in Nankai, share methods on scientific thinking, and make contributions to the development of scientific and educational enterprise of China.

 During the sub-forum, Prof. Zidong Wei (Chongqing University), Prof. Weichao Wang (Nankai University), Prof. Tao Cheng (Suzhou University), research-fellow Zhenjie Zhang and Fujun Li (Nankai University), Prof. Fuqiang Huang (Peking University), research-fellow Xiaodan Zhang and Prof. Yi Zhang (Nankai University), PCOSS-Fellow Liyun Zhang (Nankai University), Prof. Xiangjian Wan (Nankai University) successively took reports on “Catalytic Water-Electrolytic Electrode Based on Renewable Energies”, “Concerted Catalysis by Coordination Field”, “Atomic Analysis of Active Sites in Carbon Dioxide Electroreduction over Metal Nanocatalysts”, “Application of Porous Materials in Separation and Purification of Light Hydrocarbon Gases in Petrochemical Industry”, “Novel Metal-Air Batteries”, “Design and Regulation of High-Performance Materials for High Power Energy Storage”, “Recent Progress of Silicon Heterojunction-Based Tandem Solar Cells”, “Controllable Fabrication of High-Stability Metal-based Selenide Thin Films and Solar Cells”, “Understanding and developing light-driven enzyme-catalyzed solar fuel production”, and “Materials and Devices of High Efficiency Organic Solar Cells”.

According to information, the Interdisciplinary Forum for Nankai University Centennial Ceremony aims to further enhance the researching environment, push the exploration of interdisciplinary cutting-edge issues, expand the impact of interdisciplinary research centres in Nankai, display the academic achievements of Nankai’s young and outstanding researchers, and promote exchanges and mutual learning among different disciplines.

The main forum also includes other sub-forums on “Biological Basis and Visualized Research of Cell Response”, “AI Computing Technology and Frontier Cross-application”, “New Sensing Materials and Devices”, “Brain Science and Diagnosis & Treatment of Brain Neurological Diseases”, “Human Survival History from the Perspective of Science and Humanities”, “Digital Trade and Investment”, and “Environmental Health”.

The forum is jointly organized by Teachers' Work Department of Nankai University Party Committee, Centennial Celebration Office of Nankai University, NKU Ministry of Scientific Research and Ministry of Social Sciences, Personnel Department and relevant colleges.