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【Welcome the 100th Anniversary Celebration】 Nankai University Centennial Grand Forum——" Tracking the development of College of Chemistry in a century”

On the afternoon of October 17, 2019, Prof. Shen Hanxi, analytical chemist and educator, Professor Zhu Zhiang, candidate of the 2019 Nankai University Lifetime Achievement Award, Zhang Quanxing, 1960th alumni of College of Chemistry, environmental engineer, Cheng Jinpei, 1981st alumni of College of Chemistry, organic chemistry Academician participate in the "Nankai University Centennial Grand Forum". In the lecture hall of the Tiannan Joint Research Building of the Balitai Campus, they shared the precious study, work and life experiences in College of Chemistry with the title of "Tracing the development of College of Chemistry in a century" to recall the development of College of Chemistry in a century.


Shen Hanxi recollected his over-60-year teaching life in College of Chemistry. He talked about how he come to Nankai University and the cultivation of Nankai University, expressing his gratitude and love for his alma mater. He hoped that College of Chemistry can inherit the excellent research traditions, people from the College of Chemistry can contribute to the country and society.


Zhu Zhiang shared the methods of learning and research on the discipline of physical chemistry. He emphasized the simplification of complex problems, and the formulation and modeling are the key to solve the difficulties. He also pointed out that College of Chemistry should attach importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability and pass on the rigorous and realistic scientific spirit. He said that contemporary youth must shoulder the responsibility of building the country's future, and College of Chemistry should attach importance to the cultivation of students.


Zhang Quanxing recalled his studying time at Nankai University, and talked about the rapid development of College of Chemistry after Chairman Mao’s visit to the chemistry discipline of Nankai University. He also talked about the inspection of Chairman Xi to the College of Chemistry and the National Key Laboratory of Elemental Organic Chemistry in Nankai University. He hopes that Nankai chemists will stand on the starting point of the brand new century of Nankai University, being honest, diligent, indifferent to fame and fortune, and dedicated to life.


Cheng Jinpei shared his understanding about patriotism, ideals and ethics. Chemistry is one of the mainstay of Nankai University. In the process of building a world-class university, Nankai chemists should dare to contend, not fear the dangers, and carry forward the past and make more outstanding contributions.


After the discussion, the four guests had a cordial exchange with the teachers and students.


It is reported that in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Nankai University and trace the development of Nankai University in the past 100 years, the College of Chemistry has launched the “Tracing the development of College of Chemistry in a century” activity since June this year. We have interviewed 13 notable gentlemen who have studied, worked and lived in Nankai University by now, such as Academician Liu Xinxuan, the 1952nd alumnus and Academician Li Zhengming, the 1956th alumnus, Academician Yan Deyue, 1961st alumnus, Academician Song Licheng, the 1962nd alumnus and Professor Shen Hanxi, Professor Zhu Zhiang.