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Prof. Yong Cui Gave a Lecture In Chemistry of Nankai University Centennial Grand Forum and Boling Lecture

On December 25, Prof. Yong Cui from SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) gave a lecture on "design, synthesis and properties of chiral porous materials" at the Academic Hall in Shixian Building, Balitai campus, Nankai University.

Prof. Shoufei Zhu, Dean of the College of Chemistry, presided over the lecture and presented Professor Cui Yong with the certificate of “The Speaker of Chemistry of Nankai University Centennial Grand Forum”. A number of teachers and students of the college participated in this lecture.

Professor Cui Yong introduced covalent organic frameworks (COFs) and metal organic frameworks (MOFs) with issues on their chirality, and emphasized that “the precise construction of single chiral substances is a core scientific issue throughout". Besides, He also pointed out the shortage of traditional catalysts, for leading to the demand for novel chiral catalysts.

During the lecture, Prof. Cui connected the synthesis of catalytic materials with daily life, with easy-to-understand & humorous words. At the same time, each catalyst corresponded to the corresponding molecular structure diagram, in the demonstration, with intuitiveness and preciseness, so did the introduction of many classic examples of catalysts. The symmetrical beauty of MOFs and COFs deeply attracted the teachers and students present. The lecture was detailed and systematic, explained in simple terms and fascinating, bringing the audiences an excellent academic feast. At the end of the lecture, Prof. Cui also patiently answered the students' questions about the suitability of catalysts & substrates, crystallization kinetics and other related ones.

" Chemistry of Nankai University Centennial Grand Forum" is one of the series of important commemorative activities for the 100th anniversary of the founding of chemistry discipline in Nankai University. It is planned to carry out the mode of both "inviting in" and "getting out", which commands to invite famous researchers & superior alumnus at home and abroad, for arranging high-level academic lectures, to broaden the academic horizon, promote the exchange of talents and academic cooperation, to promote the development of the chemistry discipline. At the same time, chemical science lectures will be carried out inside and outside the campus, to expand the influence of Nankai chemistry, establish a good image, and enrich the strength for the development of Nankai chemistry.

"The Boling Lecture" is an important measure for the exploration and practice of innovative chemical talents training mode in the College of Chemistry, Nankai University. Top chemists at home and abroad are welcomed to make academic lectures for the undergraduate of chemistry Boling class, share scientific research experience, expand students’ academic horizon and encourage them to set up long-term life goals, and strive for them.